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Test Transmission From the Edge of the World - Jonny Fluffypunk

Friday 13th Sept 5.00pm
Saturday 14th Sept 5.00pm
Sunday 15th Sept 12.30pm

In a ramshackle home-made shed high on the salt-licked shingle, a home-made man is having a love affair with radio. And a love affair over the radio. A love affair partially conducted in morse code, if you will. A lo-fi stand-up spoken word theatre show about imagination, invention and the magic of the airwaves. Oh yeah, and love. Of sorts. Suitable for anyone with a human soul.

Jonny Fluffypunk presents the premiere of the reimagined, reworked, fully valve-powered ‘proper’ version of the embryonic show he so expertly read off bits of paper last year.
Always conceived as a collaboration with the beautiful corrugated tin Radio Hut installation constructed by international artistic geniuses Miniature Museum, this year it is indeed just that.
Two shows performed in and around the Radio Hut, which will be in residence in the courtyard of the Museum in the Park, and a third indoors (but still in sniffing distance of the installation).

Tickets for all events cost £6 each and are available in advance online from the festival website . Early booking recommended.

Tickets may also be available on the door subject to availability.