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All Together Now – Tales of Unity, Cheltenham Illustration Awards 2019

This exhibition showcases a selection of work by some of the young illustrators shortlisted for the 2019 Awards.

Student and emerging illustrators were invited to make an illustration that uses narrative to celebrate our universal humanity and our collective experience; one that celebrates illustration and storytelling as dynamic influencers for unity and community.

 Despite possessing the technology that makes universal communicators of us all, we still suffer the great disconnects of our modern world; the great geographical, political, economic and spiritual divides. Yet, whenever we meet across these gulfs, we find we have so much in common. Alongside all that separates us, there are the great connectors – music, comedy, cuisine, the natural world and, of course, the need to draw; to examine and explain our lives through pictures.

All together now. Because at this moment so much of the world appears to be entering a period of introspection and national separatism; one of materialism and protectionism.