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Material Flow

This exhibition considers materials as a dynamic flow of nonhuman and human interactions, each with its own narrative. These narratives may need to be revealed as histories fade or connections are disrupted. From the waters of the Stroud Valleys with its own specific mineral mix formed over millions of years to the sheep that have co-travelled with humans from ancient times or plants that are chemically energetic and bestow shocks of vibrant colour when coaxed to do so by a skilled human hand. Stroud has for centuries been an industrial hub where materials are drawn to, transformed and then sent on another journey.

Material Flow is a multi-media exhibition with an international and UK-based cast of artists who have responded to Stroud’s cloth history but have also drawn on broader interrelated themes like colonialism, ecosystems and place, industry and craftsmanship, all associated with a rich and vibrant cultural history. Curated by Patricia Brien.

Part of the Wool and Water Festival supported by Arts Council England