The weathervane from St. Mary's Church, Painswick

Why the weathercock?

The weathercock was selected as the inspiration for the Museum in the Park logo as it is representative of our mission and the nature of the collection. Not only was it part of a well known landmark, it has an interesting story associated with it and is one of many objects you will see at the Museum which will entice you to ask more...

The weathercock originally came from St Mary's Church, Painswick and is thought to date from the late 1700s–1800s

The following extract from F.A. Hyett, The Painswick Annual Register, 1895 tells the story:

"A new weather-cock was placed on the top of the spire of Painswick Church. The necessity of removing the old one was occasioned by circumstances not a little remarkable. Some few months back it had been noticed that the weather-cock did not work, and on examination through a telescope it appeared that it had on it numerous marks, such as would be made by bullets.

After a short enquiry it was ascertained that the occupier of a house not far from the church-yard, whose sporting tendencies out-ran his discretion, had been in the habit of amusing himself by firing with a rifle at the weather-cock. The public have nothing to complain of the subsequent conduct of this skilful marksman, who when appealed to by one of the Churchwardens, consented without demur, to bear the cost of replacing the damaged vane with a new one. When the old one was taken down it was seeen that there were nearly 30 bullet marks upon it, and that it had been put out of working order by a shot which struck the pivot just above the socket in which it worked. The new weather-cock is similar to and appears to be in all respects as good as the old one."

The 'skilful marksman' was Mr Arthur Meeze who lived at Halighiw House near the Church.

The Museum's automaton donations box was inspired by this story.

Did you know?

Many of the Museum's objects have charming stories like this behind them. Why not visit to discover the tale of the Dudbridge Blackbirds? One of our Curator's favourite local stories.


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