Walled Garden Master Plan by David Austin & Associates

The Walled Garden Project

The Museum in the Park’s walled garden is being brought back to life after 20 years of neglect. With the support of the Friends of the Museum and the local community, this revived space will offer new opportunities to visitors, community groups and to provide new opportunities for learning and events.

The Master Plan has almost been completed. Together with the Friends of the Museum we continue to fundraise, currently for planting, a pergola and orchard trees.

It has been a long project, but done in such a way that at each stage we could be sure of managing and delivering the aims and objectives.  We've been running the Museum in the Park at the same time!

The following are the main milestones of the project.  For a more informal look back at the project please visit the Walled Garden Blog on our news page.

  • 2009 - An external grant provides for a month long project in October related to the Big Draw, decision made to try and use the derelict Garden.  This ultimately lead to discussions taking place during 2010 with the Friends.
  • 2011 - The Friends of the Museum agree to provide funding for the master plan creation.
  • 2011 - Quercus undertake a year long residency in the Garden, responding to it before any work takes place, this culminates in their exhibition, Disfrutar, in early 2012.
  • 2012 - Ecology report commissioned by the Friends.
  • 2012 - Consultants appointed to help develop a master plan to guide the project, act as a consultation document and to be used in funding applications.
  • 2012 - Photographer Steve Marshfield undertakes a year long residency in the Garden, recording the garden before any work begins. 
  • 2012 - Master Plan for Walled Garden and initial design for the Learning Pavilion completed.
  • 2012 - The very first Secret Artist fundraiser is held, supported by many artists, organisations and individuals.
  • 2013 - Stroud District Council set aside £80,000 capital to support the Pavilion and Entranceway.
  • 2013 - Arts Council England (ACE) awards £50,000 for the Museum to work with Stroud Valleys Project to clear and prepare the ground with volunteers, and to deliver public events and activities focussed on the garden.
  • 2013 - The Friends of the Museum raised over £10,000 from events, activities and public donations and continue to this day to support the project.  
  • 2013 - The Gloucestershire Environmental Trust award £282,000 towards the construction of the new Community Learning Pavilion which is the flagship of the project.
  • 2013 - David Austin & Associates (now Austin Design Works) appointed as detailed design architect and landscape architect.  Rest of Design Team appointed. One of the first tasks was to revise the original master plan based on developments on site and initial consultation.
  • 2013 - new website enables Museum to start a Walled Garden blog.
  • 2013 - Secret Artist fundraiser returns due to popular demand!
  • 2014 - The Main Contractor, DJP Construction, appointed to construct Pavilion and subject to funding the entranceway.  Work starts on site May 2014.
  • 2014 -The Summerfield Charitable Trust awards £12,000 to the Friends of the Museum towards the creation of the new Entranceway.
  • 2014 (March) - The ACE project comes to a formal end. Our 'legacy' volunteers continue to come to site on Mondays to help us look after the Garden.
  • 2014 -The David Thomas Charitable Trust awarded £20,000 to the Friends of the Museum for the Entranceway.
  • 2014 - The Garfield Weston Foundation awarded £20,000 to the Friends of the Museum for the Entranceway.
  • 2014 - Secret Artist fundraiser is held again!
  • 2014 - The Gloucestershire Environmental Trust awarded nearly £30,000 towards the Entranceway part of the project.
  • 2014/15/16 - our hard working Monday volunteers continue to maintain those areas not within the building works.  Examples of their work, include, planting a new hawthorn hedge, breaking up pallets from the building work to sell as kindling, prepare and seed the lawn area.
  • 2015 (February) - The new Learning Pavilion is finished and handed over to the Museum.
  • 2015 (March) - The Pavilion wins an award for ‘...an elegant and bold modern addition in a sensitive historic setting’ in the annual Stroud Town Council Civic awards. 
  • 2015 (August) - Following successful fundraising, building work starts on the New Entranceway.
  • 2016 (March) - The new Entranceway is finished and handed over to the Museum.
  • 2016 - Finalising the design of the borders and then planting begins.  Fruit trees moved from raised beds to the Orchard area.  New volunteers join up to help with the weeding and planting.
  • 2016 (August onwards) - Sneak peeks of the secret garden on Sundays from August 2-4pm.
  • 2016 (October 5th) - collected award from The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England Gloucestershire for the Walled Garden Project.
  • 2016 - October 8th/9th - events and activities in the Walled Garden to mark the full opening.

Many individuals and organisations have shown their support for the project through financial donations and in-kind support and we are extremely thankful for all of these.

Fundraising continues to deliver other aspects of the Garden, such as the pergola, orchard and other planting, where much work will be carried out with the help of a dedicated group of volunteers.

The Architects and Main Contractor

In 2012 Land Use Consultants and Knox Bhavan Architects were commissioned to produce a master plan for the Garden. This featured the new learning space, the ‘Pavilion’, and an Entrance, which was granted planning permission.

In 2013 a Nailsworth-based architect practice, David Austin & Associates (now Austin Design Works), appointed to lead the capital works of the Pavilion and Entranceway taking the concept to detailed design and construction. The original master plan has needed slight alteration due to discoveries made on site, but still remains true to the original concept.  In particular, we have revised the Entranceway which is now a fully accessible pathway - a winding trail, gently rising though planted slopes, with terraced seating looking back towards the Museum.

In 2014 the main contractor was appointed for the capital work, this is DJP Construction.

The Key Project Achievements and relevant news links

March 2014 - completion of Arts Council England funded project, see http://www.museuminthepark.org.uk/blog-article/24/

February 2015 - completion of the New Learning Pavilion, see: http://www.museuminthepark.org.uk/news-article/57/

March 2016 - completion of new Entranceway, see: http://www.museuminthepark.org.uk/news-article/86

Did you know?

The Walled Garden is approximately 2,000 square meters or 0.49 Acres in size. Plenty of space for a whole range of activities!


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