An uncovered brick from the old dipping pond that we hope to restore as part of the project

The History

Little is known or recorded about the garden. Archaeological evaluation work carried out in 2006 revealed very few finds other than humble 19th and 20th century pottery shards.

The earliest known map showing the garden, in traditional four-square layout, was published in 1819. It was one of many thousands of working productive kitchen gardens serving country houses across Britain, before the devastating years of the First World War.

Walled gardens such as this one supplied households with fruit and vegetables all year round, as well as cutting flowers to decorate the house.


The garden is Grade II listed and is approximately 50 meters by 40 metres in size. It adjoins the 17th Century Mansion House which is now the Museum.

The Walled Garden forms an important part of the heritage of the park, alongside the Mansion House and the surrounding Stratford Park estate.

The Garden has the potential of offer new opportunties to those who currently use the Museum and those who may not have thought of using or visiting the Museum before.

Visitors looking for insects in the Walled Garden


The Cotswold Stone and Masonry brick walls

The Walls of the Garden are made of two different materials.  On the outside the course is Cotswold Stone and inside it is constructed of masonry bricks.

The masonry bricks heat up easily in the sun and the Cotswold stone acts as an insulator by keeping the heat in the garden.  This enables owners to grow productively and for a longer period than the seasons allow.

Naturally, the walls also provide security and protection from the elements people and animals!


Did you know?

Until the Museum and Museum in the Park Friends launched the Walled Garden project public access has never been possible to the 'hidden' garden.  This project will change that and make public access the norm.


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