The historic Walled Garden gate © Steve Russell

The Walled Garden

While walking in the park, perhaps you've paused and looked through the beautiful gate nestled between the old garden walls? The garden within has been neglected for nearly half a century, left overgrown with tangled weeds, self-seeded saplings and towering brambles. Nature has re-claimed the space and only a few herbs and a couple of fruit trees give a hint of the garden's productive past.

With your support, the Friends of the Museum are working with us to 'bring the garden to life'!

The Walled Garden Project

The aim of the project is to bring this 'hidden' secret 'garden back to life' opening it for the community and offer new learning and public programming opportunities. A lost part of the heritage of the Stroud District will become accessible for inspiration, learning and enjoyment.

In addition we hope this project will enable us to tell the story of the Stratford Park estate and mansion. Like museums and the arts, gardens and gardening can be a source of well-being and enrichment for people of all ages and from all walks of life. The garden, like the Museum in the Park, will be for everyone to enjoy.


How you can help...

We have only been able to achieve the aim of 'bringing the Garden to life' through the incredible support of the local community and whilst so much has been achieved we need your continued help.

  • Make a donation - send a cheque to 'The Friends of Stroud District Museum' sent via the Museum; or text WGDN23 and your amount to 70070
  • Attend our special fund raising events (and tell your friends about them too!)
  • Join the Friends - enjoy all the benefits of membership and take an active role by working with the committee and fundraising.
  • Volunteer - there will be a variety of volunteering opportunities as the project moves onwards. To find out more please call our Volunteer Coordinator on 01453 763394
  • Buy a unique artist print of the beautiful iron gate that leads to the Walled Garden.
  • Share your ideas!


Gastrells Primary School pupils visting before work in the garden


Albert George Gardener - a character funded by the Friends of the Museum

What is in the Walled Garden?

The plan closely follows a master plan that was developed early in the project to allow for community consultation and to act as a project guide.  Like a traditional walled garden there are four quarters, divided by a cross section of paths or inferred paths with a dipping pond at the centre. Using this basic outline, the garden is designed to be flexible and offer a range of learning and programming opportunities connected with the existing museum and collections.

The first quarter creates a sense of discovery as the visitor rises up to the garden level from the museum into the entranceway; the second quarter contains the new learning building (the Pavilion) and terracing; the third an orchard and meadow area; the fourth a culinary learning garden with a lawned open space.

Click here to read more detail about the plans

Click here to find our more about the Friends of the Museum


The Pavilion

The Learning Pavilion is a practical, flexible space, catering for the widest possible range of users and activities, from specialist talks to messy hands-on workshops.  The building’s design is conducive to learning; offering plenty of storage, it is light and airy - an indoor space in touch with the outdoors.

The Museum welcomes over 2,000 school pupils each year, from within the Stroud District and beyond.  In addition, it works with many other informal and formal learning and community groups, adding a further 1,500 learners a year. All of these learners will be able to benefit from this new, dedicated space.

A 3D image of the outline design for the Pavilion


The Walled Garden Project at the Museum in the Park

The south-west corner

From August 2013 to August 2014 the Museum worked in partnership with Stroud Valleys Project on a volunteer project to deliver the vision of the south-west area of the Walled Garden. 

This was a wonderful project, which was not without challenges (mainly due to changes in the plan following discoveries on site) but collectively there was a wonderful team spirit and much was gained from the project.  This video is a short snapshot of this project and does and excellent job of capturing the activities and views of the participants. Video produced by Nikki Simpson of Light Creations.

This project was funded by Arts Council England and Stroud District Council.


Did you know?

You can support the Walled Garden Project in a quick and easy way with our new text donation service! Simply text WGDN23 £(the amount you wish to donate e.g. £5) to 70070.

Thank you!


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