The Baughan Motorcycle and Sidecar in action in the 1946 Cotswold Cup

The Baughan Motorcycle

This motorcycle and sidecar was made by Baughan Motors of Lower Street, Stroud in 1929.

It has a 500 cc over-head valve Blackburne engine which drives both the rear and sidecar wheels.  This unusual design gives excellent grip on soft ground. 

Between 1929 and 1946 the motorcycle won many events, so much so that the 1935 company brochure boasted:   

“Its phenomenal success in trials leaves nothing for us to say as to its efficiency.  Suffice it to say that it is being barred from a number of important events on the ground that it is not possible for other machines to win.”

This particular motorcycle has been restored by Graham Stagg. His father, Chris Stagg joined Baughan Motors as an apprentice in 1924 and stayed with the company all his working life. Chris Stagg rode Baughan solo motorcycles to victory in many trials and scrambles.

The Baughan Motorcycle is on loan from the British Motorcycle Charitable Trust. The Trust is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of British motorcycle heritage.  It identifies and secures rare British motorcycles and ensures their restoration.  It educates, informs and increases public access to this fascinating aspect of Britain's sporting, engineering and social history. Without the Trust many fine machines would be kept in rarely seen private collections, taken abroad or lost forever through ignorance, neglect or decay. 

The picture above shows Bill Hayward and Marjorie Grant Heelas competing in the 1946 Cotswold Cup at Rowden, Hazel Woods, Nailsworth. This was the last trial in which this bike took part. It won the motorcycle & sidecar class. The spectator to the right, holding the cine camera, just behind the small tree is Harry Baughan.

Did you know?

Henry Percival Baughan (1895 – 1968), known as Harry or simply HPB, was born in Newport, South Wales. He served in the First World War before being discharged as medically unfit in March 1918. In 1919 he designed and built a chain-driven light car. In 1921 he moved from Middlesex to Stroud and set up Baughan Motors


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