We offer a choice of topics based on real objects in the museum collections and the setting of the mansion house in Stratford Park. We are also happy to discuss creating bespoke activities to fit in with your curriculum needs.

Most schools visit for a day (10am until around 2.30pm). The Learning Officer, Steven Deproost, will devise a plan of activities for each school visit, in consultation with the lead teacher.

All schools use the Learning Pavilion in the Walled Garden as the base for the day, for some of the workshop activities and also as an indoor space for break and lunch.

A day visit will usually include a varied carousel of activities in smaller groups so that the children get the most out of their visit, whatever their style of learning. Each session is typically 30 to 50 minutes long, depending of course on the nature of the activity and the age of the children. We generally charge £3 to £5 per pupil depending on whether actors or demonstrators are brought in as part of the day; accompanying adults are free of charge. 

Our set package topics can be differentiated for a wide range of ages and abilities. They are always related to our collection and our local area:

  • The Stone Age

  • Rocks, Fossils and Dinosaurs

  • Toys and Games of the Past

  • Homes of the Past

  • Limestone... a living landscape

  • Inventors and Inventions

  • Local History: The Textile Industry and/ or The Canals

  • Food and Farming

  • A Visit to the Seaside 

  • World War II

  • Making a Museum

  • Growth of Settlements

  • We are also currently developing a new Romans in the Five Valleys topic.

Contact the Learning Officer to discuss ideas to bring your topic alive. 

Steven Deproost: museum@stroud.gov.uk

01453 763394