Discover Stroud through objects and stories. Above image - Budding Lawnmower, C17th Doll, Painting of Sir Paul Baghott

The Museum Collections

The collections currently consist of around 53,000 objects, of which 4,000 are on display at the Museum in the Park. Most items are strongly connected with the Stroud District and help us to paint a picture of life here in years gone by.

The collection ranges from dinosaur bones to the patent drawings for the world's first lawnmower (invented here in Stroud), as well as several early examples of actual mowers. Because our collections represent all aspects of human and geological life in the Stroud District, we hope the displays have something of interest for everyone.

The collections not on display are distributed around three storage facilities and can be made available to researchers and enquirers by appointment.

A rough breakdown shows that the collection is made up as follows:
•            Social history (including farming & industry and costume & textiles) - 62%
•            Geology - 13%
•            Archaeology – 11%
•            Coins & tokens - 6%
•            Fine & decorative art - 5%
•            Other natural history (including butterflies and moths, taxidermy and prepared skeletal remains) - 3%
•            World cultures - less than 1%

Contrary to what you may think, the Museum is not just about old things - we are just as interested in the people who made and used the objects. We hope that the museum creates a sense of place for the District, as well as telling individual stories through people's memories and possessions.

Many objects you will recognise, some will stir memories, some will surprise you and others may have you guessing! All have a part to play in the story of Stroud.

Did you know?

As well as inventing the lawnmower, Edwin Beard Budding also invented the adjustable spanner in the form that we know it today. There are several examples of his spanner in our collections.


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