Walled Garden - News from behind the walls

Walled Garden - News from behind the walls

The Walled Garden capital works came to a conclusion in March with the completion of the new entranceway. We have now begun the next phase of the plan to bring the Garden back to life.



Since February 2015 we have been making use of the wonderful new Learning Building, the Pavilion.  This has continued to amaze groups who book our formal learning sessions.  They have more recently also begun to start using the new Entranceway. This gently leads visitors up into the Garden and over time once the planting is established will return some of the secrecy of the Garden - a much loved characteristic from when it was 'lost' and overgrown.

During the middle of March the Walled Garden Project Contractor, DJP Construction, handed the whole Garden site over to the Museum team.  To celebrate this we held a funders unveiling to showcase this major milestone in bringing the Walled Garden back to life.

Since March this year we have been working with our hard working volunteers to begin the job of planting out the Garden to a pre-determined planting scheme.

This work has also involved moving the fruit trees from the raised beds to the orchard area.  They were kept in the raised beds to protect them during the construction works. All of the apple and pear trees being planted are Gloucestershire varieties, which we selected with the help of Day's Cottage.

2016 sees the Museum mark 15 years of the Museum in the Park and we hope that it will also mark the opening of the Walled Garden, so our wonderful visitors and supporters can visit to share in this new attraction at the Museum.  We are very proud of it!

Take a peek on your next visit to the Museum, either through the historic gate by the Orangery or through our special 'cockerel' holes in our Reception!

The photograph shows the fruit trees being moved into the orchard by our volunteers.

Click here to read more on the Walled Garden Project.

The project to construct the entranceway has been led by Nailsworth based architects David Austin & Associates.  They were also the detailed design and delivery architects for the Pavilion.


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