Walled Garden - Let's Celebrate!

Walled Garden - Let's Celebrate!

As March drew to a close so to did the work funded by a grant from Arts Council England's Renaissance Strategic Support Fund.



The impact this grant has had on the project and the Museum cannot be overestimated.  It has enabled us to:

  • Clear and prepare the ground of the Walled Garden
  • Learn and disseminate new skills
  • Work with a different organisation, Stroud Valleys Project
  • Establish a group of dedicated volunteers
  • Purchase tools for the Garden
  • Demonstrate the positive impact working outdoors can have on people
  • Lay the foundations of the master plan for the Garden
  • Allow public events to occur in the Garden
  • Raise the profile of the Walled Garden

To celebrate, we held a small gathering in the Garden at the end of March to simply take in all that has been achieved in less than a year, and in particular to thank all the volunteers who have given their time freely to the project.

The project would not be where it is now if they had not joined up to help.  Just over a year ago the Garden was derelict, overgrown and largely inaccessible.

To mark the occasion, volunteers were invited to etch their name into pieces of ash from a felled Walled Garden tree, which will be hung together in the Walled Garden shed.

All in all it was a lovely event, as most things are in the Walled Garden!

The photograph shows Katherine Hallewell of Stroud Valleys Project (seated in foreground) with some of the volunteers at the celebration event (photograph by Ruth Davey, www.look-again.org)

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