Walled Garden - The first public 'drop in' event held

Walled Garden - The first public 'drop in' event held

The first ever public ‘drop in’ event in the Walled Garden took place in February when visitors came to Wassail the orchard trees, in an event funded by Arts Council England.



Artist Alison Cockcroft held a workshop on Sunday morning, where children made rattles and creatures based on the traditional ‘broad’, in readiness for the afternoon procession into the Garden.  A newly formed Morris group, Styx, arrived to dance in spectacular costume, and then the Master of Ceremonies, Steve Rowley, led the troupe and the public through the old iron gates, accompanied by the ‘master and mistress’ of the house. 

There was music and dancing and noisy rattles, to celebrate the arrival of the Garden’s first new apple tree, a ‘ Lodgemore Non Pareil’ , and to wake up the remaining original apple and plum trees. A toast, in apple juice, was made to the future of the trees and to the Garden, and pieces of toasted bread were hung in the trees for the birds.

Traditional Wassails in Stroud faded out in the 1920s, but elements of the ceremony were revived on Sunday, including the words of the Stroud ‘Wheysail’. 

This event highlighted not only the interest in the Garden but also the different range of activities we might be able to offer with other partners. In time, it is planned to develop an orchard area in the Walled Garden as part of the Museum Friends’ scheme to open the ‘Secret’ Garden to the public.

The picture shows people enjoying the Wassail in the Garden. 

Not sure what a wassail is? See this Wikipedia Page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wassailing

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