Walled Garden - Very Happy and Calm

Walled Garden - Very Happy and Calm

The walled garden is full activity but will make you feel very happy and calm!  Read our latest update provided by our garden volunteers.



No-one needs to be told it's been a long, cold, wet Spring this year. Even in the Museum's Garden, protected by the walls, nothing seemed to be happening for a long while...

...The frost had caught a few plants, others survived wrapped up in fleece; but the lovely, bright white petals of Magnolia Stellata survived complimented by white tulips and lit up the top border, following  on from the scattering of snowdrops, and crocuses, primroses and mini narcissi brightened up the hedgerow. 

The volunteer gardening team has had plenty to do, however, in spite of the chill.

But now, a blast of hot sunshine at last! The Walled Garden is going be a riot of colour! 
The Stellata flowers have faded, but replaced by the flowering of the Honesty, white in the top border and purple in the lower bed. We've allowed a few rogue purple flowers to stay in the top border; we are all in awe of Cleo Mussi's skills in her choice and positioning of the planting. 

The tulips suddenly are up and out in flower and gorgeous and a talking point amongst visitors. There's a copy of our bulb-planting plan, in images, in The Volunteer Shed - please ask when you next visit. Following on from the tulips, the irises are shooting up, some already to flower soon after the tulips. There's an iris-planting plan, too, for reference in the Volunteer Shed. Watch for the splash of pale lilac from the common irises coming soon on the Mediterranean, hot border. 

The Garden Invigilators will be kept busy, what with plant sales, and answering questions as well as keeping an eye on things! The requests for information on how the Garden project came about and works carried out continue, so we will be adding a file of information to the Shed reference section. 

The 3 little crab apple trees in the Bonkers Border are covered in blooms as are the old plum trees and the apple. The new orchard trees, pruned in February, should blossom soon, too. Visitors are asking the names of plants, and we are preparing black labels for use as the borders grow. The huge red- purple leaves of the rhubarb- like Rheum are a talking point at present, up in the much- improved top bank near the blue bricks. The low wall at The Summoner makes  it easy to appreciate Solomon's  Seal and Lily of the Valley at eye level. 

Soon, the beans, squashes and pumpkins will go into the ground at the pergola (a local farmer has donated some bags of 'soil  enrichment').

The lawn will soon be mowed, while we hope the meadow area opposite will burst into action soon, as it did last year. We've roped it off to avoid it being trampled before it has a chance to grow; We’ve also seen evidence of the hedgehog activity; and the young Buzz Club  beekeepers with Peter Lead (Stroud Beekeepers Association) report that our colony is 'very happy and calm' . 

Enjoying the views from the new Wessex Forge garden seats, who wouldn't feel the same, out there in our beautiful Walled Garden? 

The Nursery at Miserden is supporting and promoting the Walled Garden and Museum again this year and has a plant stall in the courtyard. Meanwhile the Friends table in the Garden is looking particularly colourful and well stocked with plants which are selling well.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.


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Walled Garden - Very Happy and Calm

The walled garden is full activity but will make you feel very happy and calm!  Read our latest update provided by our garden volunteers.


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