Walled Garden - Secrets to be revealed

Walled Garden - Secrets to be revealed

A lot has been happening in the background in the Walled Garden...



For those of you who have taken the opportunity to attend one of our Sunday Sneak Peeks on Sundays in August and September you'll be aware of how stunning the Garden is looking - even at this 'work in progress' stage.  We've have been really touched by some of the comments made, so thank you.

Our ‘Sneaky Peek’ Sunday was originally going to be the one weekend, around Bob Davison’s 'Borders' exhibition in July. What happened was that by July, the Garden looked so much better than we ever could have imagined it would do, that we just couldn’t keep it locked up until everything was ready in October!!

Our volunteers have been working so hard to get things ready. We've had one small team sifting and sorting any remaining stone, maintaining the lawn area, tending to the orchard and meadow grass area and preparing ground for another shed.  Another small team have been doing weeding (and more weeding) and controlling the borders.

New plants have been donated following the publication of the wish list in August. The planting has been carried out carefully following the master plan devised by local artist, Cleo Mussi.  To whom we must also say a massive thank you.

So then, the 'big' opening will be on the weekend of 8th and 9th October, the Garden will be fully open for our Big Draw event, 'The Dream of the Plant Collector'. Artists Emily Joy and Alison Cockcroft are preparing a truly amazing experience for all of our visitors, in the perfect Walled Garden setting, a fabulous and all-inclusive way to begin launch the Garden. Very exciting, and for everyone to enjoy!

From that weekend onwards , the Garden will then be open at the same times as the Museum, every day.

The Garden will evolve over time so we encourage everyone to visit now, so you can come back regularly to see the changes and take part in future events. Please see this news release for further events relating to the Walled Garden.

For further information on the project please visit this page.


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