Munitions Worker Kate Beckett of Woodchester, working at TH & J Daniels in 1918

In 2017 the Museum has turned its attention to the Home Front - we have been looking at the Volunteer Force, the Voluntary Aid Detachment, Letters Home and more.

The programme is as follows:

1st January - 19th February - The Defence of the Realm - a look at the Volunteer Force who were the World War One counterparts to the Home Guard of World War Two

21st February - 26th March - Letters of War - a look at some of the War correspondents represented in the Museum collections - what did they share with their loved ones at home, what is left out, and what can that tell us about their experiences at the Front.

28th March - 18th June - Sue Brown's Letters Home - the third installment of work by the Museum's World War One artist-in-residence Sue Brown. This display featured a specially created artistic installation reflecting the theme of the letters from the front.

20th June - 6th August - 'Carry our Soldiers Out of Sickness, out of the Light of Good Health' The displays during this period looked at rest and recuperation, VAD hospitals in the district and the Red Cross

8th August - 1st October - I'm patriotic as can be, and ration points won't worry me! - The displays during this period look at fundraising, morale boosting and rationing at home

3rd October - 3rd December - One Woman's Search - a counterpart to our very first World War One story - One Man's War, this display looks at the story of Daisy Watkins and her heartbreaking search for her missing husband.

As ever, we are hoping to work with local history societies and other interested parties to tell these stories - if you would like to contribute please contact us

Did you know?

One of the first men to recognise the condition known as Shell Shock was Dr. Hills who was then attached to the Fourth Army. In the mid-twentieth century Dr. Hills became the GP for Stroud.


Stroud Local History Society are researching the Home Front in Stroud during World War One - contact them for more information or to contribute


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